5th Statistical Workshop : Advance Stat at NSFCRC

On 14-16 March 2018, we once again went to Nakhon-Sawan Field Crop Research Center (NSFCRC) in Nakhon-Sawan to hold the workshop on advanced statistics. In fact, this is the last workshop of our series of workshops intended to implement BMS and analysis tools in three institutes in Thailand. Same as at RGD and RYFCRC, we had sessions about Genstat. We also had some theory sessions and practice sessions to clarify what theory behind the tools, and then we had a lot of discussions to make sure on how they can apply with their real application.

Moreover, since there was an update of DIB software, this workshop was a chance to have the devices at NSFCRC update. So, the crew from Biosci was here to make the update and also to have a short  demonstration on how the things changed.

One more thing, we did have a short visit to the maize field to see their implementation on using tags. Over 700 numbers of plots have been using tags and it works perfectly with the DIB and BMS. They had a little comment on the paper of tags which we will further make an improvement on that. Many thanks to the comment.

And that's all for the workshop at NSFCRC. We hope that every participants will get more or less from the workshop and we hope to see you again.

4th Statistical Workshop : Basic & Advance Stat at RYFCRC

Hi ! Greetings again from Rayong ... On 29 January to 2 February, we are back here again at Rayong Field Crop Research Center (RYFCRC) in the east of Thailand to host the workshop, and this time is a special one because it's a 5-day workshop!

Actually, this workshop is a combination of basic and advance statistical workshop which is normally take 3 days each, so here we go, 5 days for 2-in-1 workshop.

Same as the workshop at RGD and NSFCRC, we introduced the software including Genstat, ASreml-R and Breeding View. Then, for the advance part, we focused more on Genstat especially for QTL analysis. 

Said of QTL analysis, there are participants from Chai Nat Field Crop Research Center (CNFCRC) came to join us as they interested in the QTL part. By having participants from both centers, there are many breeders and specialists about cassava and mungbean breeding in this workshop.

So, I hope everyone joining our workshop get the best and the software is more or less helpful for their works. See you next time :)

3rd Statistical Workshop : Advance Stat at RGD

Happy New Year 2018 ! ... Well, maybe a bit too late to say, but we truly wish you all for the best this year.

This year we started with our first advance statistics workshop at Rice Gene Discovery (RGD). To compare with the basic statistics workshop on November 2017, this workshop is more advanced and more specific with Genstat. It was held on 17-19 January 2018 and intended to provide more materials especially for QTL analysis.

The topic covered are importing analysis data, quality checking, generating predictors, QTL detection models, analysis in each type of population, multivariate analysis, spatial analysis, and repeated measurement.


In the workshop, we let our participants hands on the Genstat, try to interpret the result and have a discussion. In fact, there were a lot of discussion regarding graphical results. Since Genstat provides many ways to create and visualize the result, we included some of those visualizations in this workshop such as normal plot, boxplot, biplot, correlation plot, interaction plot, dendogram, and even more.

That's all for workshop at RGD. We hope everyone get more or less useful stuffs from all our workshops. Next, we'll go to RYFCRC for both basic and advance statistics. And, there is one advance statistics left for NSFCRC. So, see you again.

2nd Statistical Workshop : Basic Stat at NSFCRC

Hi everyone ! Greeting from Nakhon-Sawan !

As we started our workshop on statistics a few weeks ago, we have moved on to Nakhon-Sawan Field Crop Research Center (NSFCRC) which is a big station for maize breeding.

Same as the workshop at RGD, the software including Genstat, ASreml-R, and Breeding View were introduced. Also, some theories of  statistics related to breeding analysis were brought into the workshop in order to give a sense of how software works and provide choices of how user can do with the software.

From 3 days of workshop on 13 to 15 December 2017, users which are breeders and researchers are happy with all three software. The one they love the most is Genstat, judging from feedback on the last day. They also would like to develop the usage of Genstat in more professional way, and therefore, the next workshop on advance statistics for NSFCRC will focus mostly on Genstat.


 So, thank you and see you in the next workshop :)

1st Statistical Workshop : Basic Stat at RGD

Aside from workshop of BMS, we also provide the workshop for statistical software to help breeders and researchers to analyze their breeding data. The softwares using in workshop are products of Biosci (Thailand) co.,ltd. including Genstat, ASreml-R and Breeding View. Thus, in collaboration with Biosci, the workshop on statistics has been initiated.

The workshop on statistics are actually divided into two parts; basic and advance. Both parts are designated to 3 institutes in Thailand which are Rice Gene Discovery (RGD), Nakhon Sawan Field Crop Research Center (NSFCRC), and Rayong Field Crop Research Center (RYFCRC).

For the first statistical workshop, RGD was the first institute being held and the workshop was on 27-29 November 2017. With the introduction of software, participants were able to use some of basic functionalities in Genstat, ASReml-R and Breeding View. In fact, people in RGD were especially interested with Genstat due to its vary functionality and user-friendly interface.

Special thanks to Ms. Kanchana from Biosci for being such a great speaker and having time with us. We hope people in RGD will find the software useful and fit for their work. But, we still have one more workshop to go. So, see you on the next workshop on advance statistics !