Workshop on implementation at RGD

On 16-18 August 2017, we had the workshop on BMS implementation at Rice Gene Discovery (RGD), Kasetsart University Kamphaeng-Saen Campus here in Nakhon-Pathom, Thailand.

The workshop was intended to introduce and encourage researchers and students at RGD to use BMS. Especially, we targeted to implement with the most essential activity that will come in a few months; the planting for wet season 2017 or what we called 'WS2017'. The implementation was set to be as a fully-implementation which means that BMS will be integrated as a part of every breeding activity from planning before planting to storing seed after harvesting.

Hence, except from training to use BMS, there were many discussions to make agreements among users at RGD. The discussed issues included naming convention, traits, locations, labeling, and other topics related.

By having this workshop, we hope that people at RGD will find the BMS useful and we also look forward to seeing the implementation result at RGD.



Thank you everyone participated and see you in the next workshop on basic statistics :)