3rd Statistical Workshop : Advance Stat at RGD

Happy New Year 2018 ! ... Well, maybe a bit too late to say, but we truly wish you all for the best this year.

This year we started with our first advance statistics workshop at Rice Gene Discovery (RGD). To compare with the basic statistics workshop on November 2017, this workshop is more advanced and more specific with Genstat. It was held on 17-19 January 2018 and intended to provide more materials especially for QTL analysis.

The topic covered are importing analysis data, quality checking, generating predictors, QTL detection models, analysis in each type of population, multivariate analysis, spatial analysis, and repeated measurement.


In the workshop, we let our participants hands on the Genstat, try to interpret the result and have a discussion. In fact, there were a lot of discussion regarding graphical results. Since Genstat provides many ways to create and visualize the result, we included some of those visualizations in this workshop such as normal plot, boxplot, biplot, correlation plot, interaction plot, dendogram, and even more.

That's all for workshop at RGD. We hope everyone get more or less useful stuffs from all our workshops. Next, we'll go to RYFCRC for both basic and advance statistics. And, there is one advance statistics left for NSFCRC. So, see you again.