4th Statistical Workshop : Basic & Advance Stat at RYFCRC

Hi ! Greetings again from Rayong ... On 29 January to 2 February, we are back here again at Rayong Field Crop Research Center (RYFCRC) in the east of Thailand to host the workshop, and this time is a special one because it's a 5-day workshop!

Actually, this workshop is a combination of basic and advance statistical workshop which is normally take 3 days each, so here we go, 5 days for 2-in-1 workshop.

Same as the workshop at RGD and NSFCRC, we introduced the software including Genstat, ASreml-R and Breeding View. Then, for the advance part, we focused more on Genstat especially for QTL analysis. 

Said of QTL analysis, there are participants from Chai Nat Field Crop Research Center (CNFCRC) came to join us as they interested in the QTL part. By having participants from both centers, there are many breeders and specialists about cassava and mungbean breeding in this workshop.

So, I hope everyone joining our workshop get the best and the software is more or less helpful for their works. See you next time :)