5th Statistical Workshop : Advance Stat at NSFCRC

On 14-16 March 2018, we once again went to Nakhon-Sawan Field Crop Research Center (NSFCRC) in Nakhon-Sawan to hold the workshop on advanced statistics. In fact, this is the last workshop of our series of workshops intended to implement BMS and analysis tools in three institutes in Thailand. Same as at RGD and RYFCRC, we had sessions about Genstat. We also had some theory sessions and practice sessions to clarify what theory behind the tools, and then we had a lot of discussions to make sure on how they can apply with their real application.

Moreover, since there was an update of DIB software, this workshop was a chance to have the devices at NSFCRC update. So, the crew from Biosci was here to make the update and also to have a short  demonstration on how the things changed.

One more thing, we did have a short visit to the maize field to see their implementation on using tags. Over 700 numbers of plots have been using tags and it works perfectly with the DIB and BMS. They had a little comment on the paper of tags which we will further make an improvement on that. Many thanks to the comment.

And that's all for the workshop at NSFCRC. We hope that every participants will get more or less from the workshop and we hope to see you again.